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I was born in Christchurch and have lived here all my life, although like so many of us we were really tested after all the devastating earthquakes. I have been married to Chris since 1993 and have 2 wonderful daughters Nicky & Vanessa. We also have 2 dogs Tala & Caeli and a cat Jinx - yes we do love our fur babies.

I started my career in Accounting straight from school as an 18 year old where I was employed by a medium sized Accountancy firm Hargreaves & Felton. Initially I was employed as an Office Junior and worked my way up to an Accounting Senior where I prepared complex Financial Statements & Tax Returns to final stages to be approved by the Accountant.  I also was responsible for the practices workflow system, training new employees and trainees, MYOB training, running the Tax Management System and facilitating the "Towards Awesome Service" in house training.  I was employed with them for a total of 17 years with.

While my children were very small I had a couple of part time jobs as an Office Manager for 2 Bars & Restaurants and worked in a bottle store at nights. During this time I also partly owned a Desktop Publishing & Copy Centre where I learnt many very valuable skills.

I also took on a voluntary role in Girl Guides New Zealand and had a number of positions, including Brownie Leader, Guide Leader, District Treasurer, Spreadsheet Queen & Open Day Co-ordinator at the Centenary Jamboree in Christchurch. I remained involved in guiding for 11 years and gained many qualifications and awards, including being featured in a local paper as a Community Champion. It was extremely rewarding to see many young girls develop into strong confident young women, especially knowing I played a small part in that happening. 


When I returned back to full time work I was employed by a large arborist company as the Administrative Manager/Personal Assistant where I stayed for 7 years. During this time I worked closely with the owner and business coach to systemise and improve the profitability in the tree business. I was quite often taken outside my comfort zone here but have learnt very many valuable skills in business that I may not have otherwise gained.


I am truly passionate about putting all my knowledge into action to help your business succeed and look forward to working with you.

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Lynda Walters-Smith - Owner

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